Hello and welcome to Majic Window! My name is Mark Thompson. I currently reside in Riverview, Michigan with my family of 4. In my 39 years on this earth I have garnered enough experience in the home improvement industry to be considered a home improvement expert at this point. With over 3 years experience in home improvement retail, 4 years working for a Michigan metal roofing home improvement company, and 10 running my own, I live and breathe all things home related.

I created this blog with the purpose of sharing my home related tips, tricks, and insights. The goal is to give Michigan homeowners a majic window into the world of home improvement. Hopefully you enjoy reading what I have to share. As long as you keep reading I’ll keep writing.

As great as my insights are, I’d also love input from other home improvement aficionados. Have tips or insights you’d like to share? I’d love to expand this blog to include posts from others in the industry. If you’re interested in writing a post, reach out to me. I’m sure the community would love what you have to offer.

Have questions or comments you’d like to send my way? Head over to the contact page and get in touch.


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